Personal Travel Consultation

Hey, I’m Rachel,

I’m originally from Austin, Texas and have lived in Oaxaca for four years. If you’re planning a trip down to Oaxaca and need advice on how to tailor your ideal visit or simply need someone to book your trip for you, consider having a chat with me so that I can help you get everything set up!

Oaxaca stole my heart about 5 years ago driving out of the city into the gorgeous Valles Centrales and I began to understand how magical this region is. This is a place where you’ll be amazed by just about everything you encounter. It’s no surprise that the food is world-renowned, coming from one of the oldest agricultural regions in the world. The people are kind, welcoming, and will happily welcome you into their world. Multi-generational artisan production paints the area with a diverse and colorful sets of ceramics, weavings and embroidery. Of course, we cannot leave out my personal favorite part of the region, mezcal and the complex environment of being amongst families who have been producing mezcal for generations while the spirit takes off around the world.

Since living in Oaxaca I’ve lived in every corner of the city, worked in schools, a non-profit working with low income Oaxacan students, a mezcaleria and now with the mezcal tour group, Experience Mezcal. I’ve gotten to know the place as my home and am still exploring it on a constant basis.  I’ve spent the past four years visiting maestro mezcaleros around the region simply because I love being at the palenque, getting to know the producers and (of course) love drinking mezcal. As a resident tourist myself, I’ve been exploring the region since arriving, weekend trips to the mountains, seeking out my favorite moles and market stands, heading out to small towns to explore artisan products, you name it.

If you’re coming down to Oaxaca and want some easy info and guidance – I’d love to help. I guarantee that between myself and the community here in Oaxaca we’ll plan you an unforgetable trip!

How it works:

1. Fill in the form below requesting an appointment and be as thorough as possible on what you’re looking to get out of the visit. Tell me your interests, must-dos and the time you’ll be here.

2. I’ll review your form and make sure I have the answers to all of your questions as well as a general idea of what you’d like to do in Oaxaca.

3. We’ll schedule a time where I can give you a call and in 30 minutes we’ll hash out your plans.

The way you use your call is up to you and I promise to make it worth your time and cash. If you want me to book your entire trip, I’m on it. If you simply want me to give you advice on your itinerary, done. Or anywhere in between!

One thing you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with Oaxaca, so I’ll make sure you have the best possible time while you’re here!


30 minutes of information, insights and recommendations – $25.

Email me your interests, questions, and what you hope to get out of the personal consultation.

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