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Created 2 years ago

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Join me at my favorite mezcalerias in Oaxaca! We'll stop at three different mezcalerias that I personally think are great, have flights at each one (so make sure you come on a full stomach!).

I will guide you through each tasting, help you choose the best path for learning about different mezcales and meanwhile we can hang out and get to know eachother! 

The price includes all mezcales as well as a snack at one of our stops. You'll have the opportunity to purchase bottles in some of the mezcalerias so come prepared for that if you think you'll be interested.


3-4 hours

Details and logistics:

We will be walking to all of our destinations as they're all located in the center of the city. Make sure to bring good walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing depending on the season.

If walking is not an option for you, please let me know and we will arrange transportation that is comfortable for you.


I'm typically avaialble Tuesday-Saturday in the afternoons and evenings - let me know what's best for you and we'll work something out!