Welcome to Friends of Friends!


We are a Oaxaca-based community passionate about Oaxaca tourism. If you are passionate about showing off something special in Oaxaca, whether its providing a tour, hosting a dinner party, or teaching a class, and you want to earn a little extra money from it, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Our Friends of Friends marketplace connects tourists looking for one of a kind experiences with locals that can show off the city with the utmost expertise and personalization.

We take care of all the website development, marketing, payment processing, and providing assurance to the customer.

All you have to do is fill out the new offer form and provide amazing experiences!

To learn about the process as well as gain tips on becoming one of our exclusive ‘friends’, please read this page before creating your offer.

How it works:

1) Tourists come to our website – Through various marketing channels, we promote OaxacaMeLate and Friends of Friends to tourists visiting Oaxaca. Our aim is to provide a constant and steady stream of potential clients to your offer page.

2) Tourists message you for availability – Tourists will use our platform to securely message you about your offer details and availability. Once an agreed time has been met, the customer purchases the service.

3) Provide tourists an outstanding Oaxacan experience! – Meet up and complete the offer.

4) Get paid – after the customer confirms the completion of the activity or 2 days has passed, we release the customers’ payment to your bank account. OaxacaMelate takes a standard 20% commission to pay for marketing expenses, operations expenses, and paypal payment processing fee.  You set your own price and can factor in our commission into the total price offered to the customer.
ie. If you want to earn $15/person for a city taco tour then: price = $15/.80 = $18.75.

Who are we looking for:

-You are passionate and knowledgable about Oaxaca, customer satisfaction, and the place/activity being showcased.

-You speak English and preferably Spanish

-Your schedule is flexible enough or consistent enough that you usually can find a time that will work for the requesting customer

-You do not need prior tour guide experience, but you will need to go through an application process to confirm our marketplace has high-quality offers. 

The ‘Becoming a Friend’ Process:

  1. Read the content below on how to create a great offer as well as the terms and conditions for our friends.
  2. Create a service directly using the link provided in the ‘create a great offer’
  3. Upon completing your offer, we will review it within one week and either
    1. provide feedback on how to improve this offer for a second submission
    2. request to interview you regarding some of the offer details and experience
    3. request a sample tour
  4. Once your offer is accepted, it will go public and you will begin managing your own tour business!

How to create an outstanding offer:


  1. Make it unique. Our audience comes to Friends of Friends because they don’t want a generic experience they can get on any other website like Viator.
    1. Add something special to your tour to make it stand out. For example, instead of a walking tour, have a polaroid photography tour of the city. *Specifically, say what is special about your tour in the description.*
    2. Target a specific market or demographic with your offer. For example, instead of a walking tour, have a city treasure hunt tour for kids.
    3. Focus on a niche subject matter. For example, instead of a walking tour, have a cantina tour where you see the city by visiting various cantinas throughout.
  2. Make your title and cover photo irresistible. One great way to do this is to spark curiosity or having a catchy phrase.
    1. “cantina tour- Explore 250 years of evolving cantina culture”
    2. “5 cantinas, 5 hours, 1 outcome.”
  3. Be clear and detailed on exactly how your offer works. Don’t leave them guessing when it comes to logistics, what to expect, and any other details relevant to your offer. This will build trust and save you time messaging.
  4. Bring your personality to the offer! In writing your description of the tour and your profile, keep it personal and genuine. Tell your audience why you are so passionate about this topic and your opinions on certain matters. These are peer to peer tours, so they don’t have to follow the rules of traditional tour-guide best practices! It’s your business and your time, so feel more than free to express yourself. That’s what we are all about! Be sure to fill out your short bio on “My Profile” with a photo, so they know all about who you are and feel comfortable spending a vacation day with you.
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then click ‘Become a Friend” ^^