Your Oaxaca Guide

Everything you need to seamlessly plan your Oaxaca visit

We know that your time is precious during your visit to Oaxaca and with so many options out there it can be time consuming and even stressful trying to find your way. As fellow travel enthusiasts, we created what we wish we had each time we visited a new city- a one-stop curated guide that will take you off the beaten tourist path and allow you to explore Oaxaca through the local lens. Our mission is to ensure you leave Oaxaca wishing you weren’t!

Oaxaca Me Late (wah-haak-kah me la-te) translates to “Oaxaca makes my heartbeat” and we chose this name because it describes our passion and love for this region and its community.

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Feel Connected to Oaxaca’s Community

getting around

Getting around the city Easily traverse town on foot or hop in a taxi for about 50 pesos ($2.50). learn more

Getting to and from Oaxaca Whether you are heading to the beach, Mexico City, or a nearby pueblo, we got you covered.
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Airport Transfer Unlike most airports, there won’t be yellow taxis outside. See your 3 options to get here.
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Rental Cars and Hired Drivers A great option for day trips or making the trip to the beach. See our trusted operator.
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places to stay

To save you time from shuffling through endless options, here are some of Oaxaca’s most trusted favorites with great hosts and operators. 

6 exceptional AIRBNBs you can’t go wrong with

3 BED & BREAKFASTS that will make you feel warm and welcome

3 highly reputable HOSTELS that are fun and comfortable

things to do

Everything MEZCAL Tour single batch farms, discover the best bars and tastings and make exclusive purchases
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Classic Day Trip Excursions Discover popular must-see destinations like Monte Alban and Hierve el Agua Do it yourself options, tours by companies, or experience it with a local!
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Art, Museums, and Shopping Oaxaca has much to offer art lovers. See an overview of both popular and unique options
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Unique Oaxacan Classes, Tours, and Activities Walking tours by locals, salsa class, Spanish class, cantina tour Sunday and much more!
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where to eat and drink

3 tasty breakfast spots to start off your day

3 authentic lunch spots that fly under the radar 3 dinner spots with amazing food, service, and surroundings

3 must have local dishes from 3 outstanding street vendors

3 traditional markets for brunch, snacks, and live music 3 magical mezcalerias where you can learn while you drink

Top 3 bars to boogie down and stay for late night after dinner drinks

For those that want to take all the stress, guessing, and research out of detailing your itinerary… 

Consult With a Local Expert

Tell Rachel your interests and needs, and she will tailor a non-generic itinerary to guarantee you make the most of your time in Oaxaca.

  • arrange taxi-pickup
  • dining insights and reservations
  • special activities for your interests
  • whatever you need, she’ll help!